About Ink Union

Hello and welcome to our shop!  Ink Union Clothing Co. was born out of my passion for tattooing. Tattoos are an intimate collaboration between subject and artist. They are a mile marker of your journey through life. An expression of who you are, something that you feel deeply enough in your soul to wear forever.  Tattoos are a part of you that can be shared with those around you, bringing us together in a shared experience…a union… Ink Union

Ink Union brings that passion to our line of tattoo inspired custom graphic T-shirts and apparel. Designed by tattoo artists, we combine high quality graphics with comfortable, attractive, well-made clothes for the perfect celebration of tattoo life. 

We're just getting started here so there will be many more designs and products to come.  Thank you for visiting us. I hope you find something you like. Come again soon.

Inspiration is everywhere

Ideas come from all around. When the idea hits I have to get it out. Nothing is more satisfying then starting out with a blank canvas and painstakingly turning it into something great, something that people want to look at. It feels good when you're out in public and see someone wearing your art, it makes it all worth it.

Shawn, Artist/Owner